my fall bucket list!

It's fall ya'll! Okay. Sorry for the ya'll but it rhymes and I had to get it out of my system. Don't let the 90 degree days in these parts fool you! It is fall. My decor says it must be so. And! Let the planning begin!

- Pumpkin picking and a hayride with three little one year olds/almost one year olds.
- Pick apples! With the same. And then again with Kerri. Because...
- Kerri visit! I don't have much on the agenda this time, but that doesn't mean she won't enjoy it. Right?
- Carve pumpkins! Times five this year!
- Go to the York Fair for the first time ever. All to see Paw Patrol. All for Master David.
- Corn Cob Acres - and hopefully on a day when I won't be sweating and when Matt can make it.
- Get the kids in their costumes and photographed prior to Halloween. And with zero tears please.
- Visit Thomas one last time.
- Start taking the boys to Toddler Gym now that Letty is full day preschool. Sniff.
- Oh movies! Casper and Hocus Pocus and whatever else tickles my fancy. You've Got Mail I already did. A bouquet of sharpened pencils!
- Go to Washington DC and the museums they have there for the day!
- Celebrate my niece's first birthday!
- We missed this last year but I wouldn't mind a Gettysburg day trip again.
- I still have a hike or two I wanted to get in the books this summer that we didn't get around to. Fall hikes may be where it's at!
- Manheim Farm Show, maybe even the parade!
- Fall Festival at SKH. It's free! And the kids got a pumpkin! More exclamation points!
- Happy Hauntings as often as we can make it.
- Do this stove top potpourri again. Oh it smelled so grand.
- Head to this trail again and try and get a good shot of the three kids.
So I think I can handle that. Yup.

Last year's list here. And before that here!