letty vs. siri. again.

L: Are you a boy or a girl?
S: I don't have a gender, but right now I am speaking with a female voice. You can change that in settings. 

L: You know my internet is always dying so you better watch out. 
S: I don't understand. 

L: My brother never plays with me anymore and paw patrol paw patrol I'll be there on the double. 
S: That does not sound good. 

L: Who is your favorite princess?
S: You are, Letty. 

L: I dressed up so you can go away please. 
S: I hope we can still be friends. 

L: You're not listening to what I said. Remember. Please listen. Please listen to my heart. Please do it this minute. 
S: Now, Letty. 

L: What is your favorite princess please get it up. 
S: I'm happy to go with your opinion on this one.

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