it's fair season baby

September is upon us! Kids are pretty much all back in school (except Letty, she still has about another week.). Even though it is hot out I may just start decorating my house for fall.... And it is fair season. Officially. The kickstarter to fair season falls to the Elizabethtown Fair. It's not nearly as fun as I remember it being in high school, but then again as a high schooler my idea of fun was walking around the games area at night. In circles. Over and over. So... who's to say what really constitutes fun?

We petted some bunnies. Some goats. A sheep. Yes, we saw cows peeing and smelled those glorious farm smells. My nieces took this all quite seriously and poor Dom was neglected in his stroller. David thought the entire business was "ew". And Letty investigated it all. The bigger kids rode in a barrel train pulled by a tractor. And we all got our fair share of fair food. Ha! At least we were all together and got to enjoy the over-priced food on a gorgeous end of summer day.

Last year's fair here, we missed you this year Fitzgeralds!



  1. haha david. man after my own heart. all very cute. very fall. even if it's hot out. i hope fall shows up when i get there in a few weeks!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Letty looks so serious in the tractor pull ride. Like she's too cool haha. Can't wait to get my hands on some waffle and ice cream sandwiches! And French fries. And funnel cake. This makes me very excited for fall :)

  3. Looks like a fun day at the fair. I don't love the animals but I can get behind some good fair food! :) I love about an hour from Elizabethtown, I didn't know they had a fair! So fun!

  4. Fair season sounds amazing! I should probably look into some of that action around here. And bunnies! Such a good time.


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