i went to ny and only have iphone photos to show for it

I'm not sure why, but when we drove to Long Island last weekend for my cousin's son's christening, I never took my big girl camera out of it's case. It sat in the diaper bag, feeling quite rejected I'm sure, for the entirety of the evening. And everyone looked so nice all dressed up and the babies were adorable and we saw family we only see a few times a year and yet... there it sat. Somebody put baby in a corner. But that's the facts. I left it there. I didn't take any photos of the adorable newly-christened. I didn't take any photos of my uncles lifting David up over their heads just as they have my siblings and I before him. I didn't take any photos of the tables upon tables of buffet food (that pasta bar - top notch!). I didn't take any photos of the fun centerpieces or the themed towels in the bathroom (they had the baby's name on them, quite the deal.). But I was there, present in the moment, chasing around one or two of the three kids in this direction or that. In between trips up the bar for some more vino because - Matt was driving! 

This was the first time my kids were in a Catholic church. Right? The wooden pews and stained glass windows were all new to them, and hey! they didn't make a sound which is just amazing. I realize we were late (traffic, side eye Belt Parkway), but even so, I was prepared for all kinds of questions. We saw the best part of the service, and I also had to take a picture of Dom in front of the only sign around that said St. Dominic because well I mean. I'm not above it. 

After the service we headed over to the Brookville Country Club for a little party. A party complete with live music, a balloon creation making duo, tons of food and wine, and of course a candy table above all candy tables. The babies danced, Dominic sat mesmerized swaying back and forth, the big kids got a hundred and one balloon animals of all fashions, and the amount of candy that came home in the van is absurd. I'm fully enjoying the fact that my younger cousins aren't so young anymore and now are in fact adults who can play and occupy my kids. All sorts of full circle stuff. Not pictured? The other ten cousins or so. Cousins all around! Oh and those italian cookies? I don't think I shared with a soul at our table. Not a one.

After all that fun time we piled back into our vehicles for what would turn out to be an almost 5 hour return drive. Two hours of which it took us to leave the island. Enough NY. You're silly with this traffic mess. I might not return until conditions improve (re: nevva gonna happen). I spent most of that time in the back of the van either feeding Dom or giving David hugs or Snapchatting with Letty.

And hey! Bonus? When we walked in the door Letty threw up. Into the sink thankfully. Too much candy? We will never know... never know...

Thanks to my cousin and her family for having us crazy Pennsylvanians come to the christening! A great party, as always.