fare thee well water park

By the time this weekend ends, Duke's Lagoon will have closed it's gates for the season. Taking advantage of the fact that all local schools were in session this week I had to take the kids for one final water park visit for the year. 

This visit had a slightly nostalgic feel to it, because we have decided to not get season passes to DW next year. For many many reasons we have decided to move on to the much larger Hersheypark next year (you should have seen the pros/cons list we came up with during our Fitz Family Meeting. The proof was in the pudding though). So... this visit to Duke's Lagoon was possibly our last visit to Duke's Lagoon. Ever. Hence the nostalgia. I mean I've stood by that stingray baby slide (not sure why, but that's a favorite of the kids, and there is always some shade too!) and watched Letty go down it with David in my belly. I've stood by that slide watching Letty race around with David at my feet playing in the water jets. I've stood by that slide with Dominic in my belly and counted my children... 1 kid, 2 kid as they race around. I've stood by that slide one last time on Monday with Letty in a different section entirely but always in my sight and David racing around and Dominic at my feet. All very circle of life nonsense.

I really wanted to spend some major time there this day, soaking it all in. My girlfriend and her son met us for a bit before the call of the bulldozers was too much for Miah to bear...I snuck in some lunch/snacks for the kids. The crowds were at a minimum. I even let Dom roam free for the first time, letting him slap puddles to his heart's content. He really enjoyed the soundtrack too, quite the dancer that young man. It was a perfect day to say our farewells.

So to you, Duke's Lagoon, we will miss the smell of the chlorinated water and french fries. Our table by the kiddie slides that we pretty much outgrew this summer. The bathroom with the seagulls hanging from the ceiling and the sounds of them calling above waves crashing. Your music that hasn't changed in four years, including such hits as Mmm Bop, Tequila, Send Me On My Way, and Girls That Wear Abercrombie and Fitch... The Green/Blue slide. The Red slide. The Lellow slide. I'll probably most definitely miss the ease with which I was able to keep an eye on all three of my children next year when I'm in a water park the size of a continent. But I won't miss the inability to get a fountain soda a moment before 11:30 though. No. That I won't miss.

Before we left all four of us stopped and looked back out over the water park where we have spent our last four summers. And we all said "goodbye Duke's Lagoon!" It's a good thing I'm the only sentimental one in the group. 

But now! We are off to bigger and better things!

Our first recorded visit to Duke's Lagoon here, because I didn't blog way back in the day. Shame on me.