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fare thee well summer dw hours


How many times have my children sat in this horse and buggy? How many times have I sat in this horse and buggy? See I have memories of coming to Dutch Wonderland when I was a just a kid myself. My parents have a home video of my aunt practically dropping me off the carousel; I barely made it out of there alive. The first ride we always went on was the Space Shuttle and while it is still there in all its red, white and blue glory, it is my least favorite. My stomach can no longer handle that or the Wunderhaus (even though that one is ridiculously fun to say). So suffice it to say DW and I go way back. And leaving her isn't going to be easy.
The summer hours ended with Labor Day weekend. Children have returned to school and their workforce has returned to their cooresponding high schools and colleges and so weekends only it is from now till the end of the year. Eventually they will change over to spooky ride names and it will become Happy Hauntings... and then they will take a breather and become Dutch Winter Wonderland. But on this Friday last week they were still operating on their summer hours. And my niece! She walks! So according to DW that means she is no longer a "hand held infant" and she could go on all the rides! Okay not all, maybe ten rides. So she had to go with us. Matt and Colton joined in as well, making it a well-rounded family affair.

Lena took her rides very seriously, but no tears were shed. On her end. David threw a ridiculous fit of epic embarrassment that well, I mean. Three is hard. Lena seemed to enjoy rides that went in circles? Kids, I'll just never understand the need to go in circles. We got lunch as well and add to the list of things I'll miss: their honey mustard that is just the best. Is it Ken's? I may need to find out before the end of the year. Anyways we got our rides on and sweated are hineys off and then we left.

Goodbye summer at Dutch Wee! It was a good one. It was a hot one. But a good one.



  1. Awh Lena is so cute! Do you know if happy haunti ha is cheaper than summer hours? Still some rides open for new walkers? It would be fun to take Syd. That or Hershey Park in the dark. I hope she has the same love of amusement parks as her mama! I have a feeling she may not be very "amused" lol

  2. gosh even i remember some of those rides. like that second photo (which is also my favorite) - that ride was awesome. love! aw DW, forever in our hearts.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I think we are getting season passes this year. Tori really liked it this past summer! Lenas serious face is hilarious

  4. aw the bittersweet end!!! but sounds like fun seasonal times ahead!!! and oh yes three is hard. what is it about three?!

  5. First of all I appreciate that you were sweaty and not all cozied up for what is apparently the fall weather everybody else is having. Second of all, the circles oh why the circles!

  6. So many lasts. Sigh. That picture of Letty and David on the ride...her face, his hair...priceless.

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