fall around the home

It's the best time of the year! Well, the start of the best time. I pack things away from around the house knowing I won't see them till January and I welcome back all the lovely fall things. The warm colors and those candles and soaps that have the best smelling scent in the history of scents. Fall is the best season, in my very opinionated opinion. And from now through the end of the year my home is festive. To the tenth degree. Embarrassingly so. 

Some things are new and some things are not and I'm sure I'll raid the Target Dollar Spot here shortly and have even more things but here is just the same. In all it's leafy glory.

And yes I immediately painted Dominic's foot white and made another ghost print. Poor guy didn't get to experience having his piggies painted for the sake of his sentimental mother. Couldn't allow him to miss out.

Past falls around the home here and here.



  1. love all the fall things. i'm excited the weather might cooperate too next week! well i haven't looked. just a hunch. fingers crossed.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Did you paint those alphabet magnets silver or buy them that way?
    Everything looks MAGICAL!!! I love it. I just want to move in and stare at all the pretty fall things!

  3. Gorgeous! I haven't done our place yet but I really, really want too. Those footprints are precious.

  4. flawlessly festive!! and loooving the chalk board!!! so pretty!!

  5. Look at you in all your festive glory! I love it!!

  6. Looking lovely and very festive...as usual! :) finally getting my butt in gear and decorating today!


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