dominic at 9 months

Nine months! It brings a third and a fourth tooth (and more on the way by the looks of things)! It brings a larger appetite for people food. It brings bumps and bruises from being just tooo adventurous. It brings curiosity into all things not baby. It brings more of an I only want my mommy attitude and who are you to hold me vibe. It's here all together too fast. What was the baby smell like? Can that be bottled up for me please?
He eats... He still wakes once or twice a night for a real quick feeding, which I mean, yes I could let him cry it out and no, he won't wake his siblings because I've done it a time or two... but mostly I don't mind it because (have I said it before?) he's my last. During the day he eats whatever we give him and turns his nose up to nothing. He really likes turkey and cheese and yogurt. He munches right along whether I put a piece of broccoli in his mouth or a spoonful of ice cream. Who doesn't?

He sleeps... He takes two naps during the day that are excruciatingly short. He has been falling asleep earlier and earlier  each night, usually well before 7:30. He almost always wakes up around 5 am for a quick feeding and then will go back to sleep again till 8 ish. That part is real nice. He hasn't slept in bed with us in awhile, mostly because I think he likes to be a belly sleeper and I won't allow that in our bed.... and I think he thinks it's play time in there. Which... no.

Likes...The dirt in my snake plant pot. Taking apart night lights. The baby monitor. Chewing on everything. Magazines. Anything his brother is playing with. His sister. She hung the moon, that girl. Being held my yours truly. His daddy became quite the hero after watching him for six hours the other day.

Dislikes...Being left alone in the playroom with the gate closed. Those first few seconds when he wakes up and I'm not there immediately. Being put down on the floor after his afternoon nap till bedtime. When his brother won't let him check out what he's playing with.

His siblings...Are a freaking mess. David simply won't comprehend that if he doesn't want Dom around then he can just walk away. Instead he sets up his toys directly within Dom's reach and well you know that doesn't end well. It seems to be a mental block of David's. Letty hangs. Hugs. Pulls. Smothers. Chokes. Kisses. Dom loves it all and it drives me crazy.