couffee taulk

The days are going by with such speed I am legitimately losing track. I feel like weeks have become just days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday cease to exist. Monday just blends right on in with Friday. In far too short of a time Letty will have left us for school three full days a week. Kelsey gets the feelings that go along with that perfectly.

And so with my summer's end fast-approaching I wonder, what did I miss? What have I yet to do?! I start to almost feel panicky. I'm not ready yet! Pause please, mister time. I have much to do and yet nothing at all. I have lists upon lists and yet the unsettled feeling doesn't leave me. Did I label every piece of her new lunch ware? Did I? What about her shoes? But why would she take her shoes off? And they need a towel sent along with her for "rest"? Have they met my daughter?

Although thanks to my Stephanie, her teacher's gift is solid. The tag reads: No. 2 pencils for a No. 1 teacher. Thank you Pinterest! And Steph.

Even though I'm mourning these imagined "lost" days of summer... I'm also planning out the rest of the year. Budgeting and shopping and a fairly large first birthday party. Decorating! Oh how I look forward to getting my first rust colored mum! My weekends are planned out from the very early stages of September onward. Fall festivals and farm shows and pumpkins. Christmas photo shoots and traditions flying out my... you know where. I just can't break tradition! And so begins my frantic scheduling. Googling dates and marking the calendar and seeing just how much I can squeeze into a crisp fall weekend. 

A big chunk of our November we will be in Disney World. Have you heard about all the cool things happening down there? Star Wars Land! Avatar! I've yet to catch up on all the Frozen things we have missed there in the last year. This will be Dominic's first trip after all, unless you count the time he was in my belly which I really don't count because he was just a bunch of quickly multiplying cells. I might even start another count down. How I love Disney so.

How about this Snapchat business eh? Tabitha tried for what, like a year? To get me on this train and I fought her. I pulled the age card. I pulled the technologically impaired card (because I have become that in recent years, sadly). Finally I caught on (I think) and I just love it. I don't understand it. But I love it.

I know this is really late to the party (see last paragraph), but this video cracks me up. As odd as it is. Wait till the end. I found the ending made the entire thing. Sprinting on all fours. Ha!

I recently decided that a jean jacket > old hoodie and settled on this one, which thanks to my sister's well trained eye for a bargain I got for a steal. I even needed a size smaller than I thought which could be sizing or it could be the twenty pounds I've lost (toot toot beep beep). But regardless, it makes me feel like fall isn't so bad. Having something new to wear? Add that to the pros list.

As if time isn't enough of a BI we are already looking in to our rental home for anywhere in New England for next year. I literally have a spreadsheet comparison going. It's making me cross-eyed.

And on that note I should get back to that.... Happy sipping! I'll just be here whimpering for my lost summer....

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