apples at masonic villages with some k ladies

Kerri was up visiting us from central Florida for the weekend and I made it my mission to give her the most fall themed weekend I could. On Friday after Letty was dropped off at school and Dominic's 9 month well visit was over we headed to Masonic Villages for some apple picking. 

There is a farmer's market there with a cafe and an ice cream shoppe as well as tons of gourds and pumpkins and all things apple. David took his wagon driving very seriously, this of course over shadowing any and all apple picking. By a long shot. Dominic was just along for the ride and let me tell you, it was a much calmer experience than the time before that. I brought out the What Would Kathleen Kelly bag by Natalie for the first time that Kerri got me and I just love it. Big fan girl, this one. Besides the warmer than ideal fall weather I think it was a top notch fall activity for that Floridian girl.

Some of these photos were taken by the Kerri herself and so well. Credit given where credit is due.