a labor day hike and some family time

Our Labor Day looked a little like this: decide last minute to squeeze in a hike. Run to the grocery store because we realized we had nothing to pack for lunches. Pack lunches. Drop off bruschetta supplies at my parent's because we don't feel like busting out the cooler and it's sort of on the way to the hike. Drive to Nolde Forest. Loop the full parking lot twice till we decide that sure, we can park on that grassy spot right there by that tree. Spray everyone down with bug spray but forget the sunblock. Squeeze Dom's fat thighs into this carrier facing me. Walk a few feet to a bunch of picnic tables that are covered in fallen leaves (already!?). Eat our packed lunch. Beg David to eat some peanut butter crackers 973 times. Watch Letty start off her lunch with chocolate pudding that her daddy let her choose for her school lunches. Feed Dom all the turkey and cheese in all the land. Run to the bathrooms twice for David and once for Letty. Decide that Dom would be happier if he was forward facing. Put the trash in the trash can and the lunch bag back into the van and grab a diaper because rookie mom over here forgot them. Get a map because there is no service up here and our phones don't work. Finally find the right trail. Listen to David narrate every single rock, root, branch, leaf, ray of sun for the entirety of the walk. Find a pond. See three turtles. Jump on a shakey shakey bridge that in fact does not shake. Turn around and go back to more of the same discussions. Ponder how we will never see any wildlife at this decibel level. Stop at the bathrooms again for David. Remove his sneakers that are suddenly WAY TOO TIGHT. Buckle everyone in. Wish we had brought beer as a end of hike treat. Drive back to my parent's house. Try to get Dom to sleep which only ended up waking up his cousin Lena. Watch the kids splash around in the kiddie pool and the sprinkler. Hang out with my family. Eat a lot of food. Drink a lot of wine. And I wish I could say that we went to bed early but no, we worked out and then let Letty stay up late and watch Return of the Jedi. Because we are smart like that.

The end.