Dominic, aged 9 months: We seem to be on the upswing of this latest cold... the runny nose has subsided and the sort of happy baby has returned. Unless you are a stranger and then he will just turn his back on you because he cannot be bothered.

David, aged 3 years: This child and his dancing moves are going to be the things future black mail is made of. He sort of spreads his legs into a wide stance and then does squats. Half squats more like. And that's it. That's his jam. Just up and down with a silly smile on his face. Which he stopped doing as soon as the camera came out. That shows me he's on to me.

Letteria, aged 5 years: Not feeling well yet again, she spent most of her day Sunday doing just this. Laying under her (my old) My Little Pony sleeping bag watching TV. Complaining of being cold even though it was a gorgeous day here yesterday. Gladly by the late afternoon she was her normal obnoxious self, fighting with her brother. Which to me is always a good sign one is on the mend.

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