Dominic, aged 8 months: Another cold has hit this house, Dom especially hard. You can tell just looking at his eyes that he feels awful. My shirts are covered with snot and I best be wearing a splash guard when the kid sneezes. Disgusting right? I left the kids on Saturday and this child ended up falling asleep without being nursed before bed. From when I left him till when he woke up in the wee hours of the morning it had been 14 hours. I missed him something awful, but now I know. It could be done.

David, aged 3 years: Also sick with a cold. That in addition to his general prickly three year old demeanor has made for a pretty obnoxious week. Tantrums and flip-flopping on practically everything is a norm. We hear a lot of I do it! Leave me alone! No! BAD MOMMY! And so on. I'm really banking on the return of the nicer, less traumatic David after the cold takes leave.

Letteria, aged 5 years: She suffers from something I do as well... It's that whole quantity over quality thing. In her speech... In her work. She rushes. She is fast. Her projects that came home from her first day of school showed this clearly with coloring in particular. Note the green turtle above. This art turns out to be a favorite thing of hers, so long as she would slooooooow down.

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  1. ha letty is so like you it cracks me up :) and poor boys with the colds! no bueno. get better soon kiddos! I WILL BE THERE NEXT WEEK

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. That art is so cute. Poor sick little guys. Hopefully they get over it fast. Letty being super sweet. David being extra obnoxious. What kind of world is this? ;-)

  3. Lame buns sicknesses. I guess welcome cooler weather? Did it even get there yet? Y'all are jumping the gun. Obnoxious three year olds are my fave though!

  4. Aww poor Dom!!! I hope it passes soon and that it doesn't pass to the whole house!

  5. get well soon, babies!!!


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