who letteria is at five years

Five years and I just can't even with that. Five is pretty huge to me. And yet there she is. 

Summing up Letteria reminds me of when the nuns in Sound of Music attempt to describe Maria. How can you catch a cloud and pin it down? Yes, that. She is strong-willed (oh is she ever). Yet she is shy and self-conscious. She is intelligent, remembering all sorts of details and hundreds of song lyrics. Yet she doesn't recognize letters or numbers (at least doesn't let on that she recognizes them). She sometimes has these candid moments of sweetness that seem to come juuuust when I've about had it up to here. 
Days with her start bright and early, with her playing on her iPad on her bed most likely before 7. She wishes breakfast didn't exist, but will settle with a yogurt or any fruit that we may have. She never stops talking. Literally never. She can be hard to understand because her mouth is running at a mile a minute and her f's come out like s. Olas for example. She will spend her time arguing with David, smothering Dominic, or questioning me repeatedly about her outfit for the day and the day's plan of events. She prefers skirts and dresses to any other attire.

She would choose pasta as her dish of choice any given day. And loves sausage. Ha! She is a dessert and candy addict. Always being "full" of her dinner and within two minutes of putting away her plate she queries can she have a snack? 

She recently acquired rights to play in her room alone, and this makes her feel enormously grown up. We moved some of her Legos and all of her barbies up there and she has been taking it all very seriously. She even cleans up! While that lasts. 

She makes her bed every morning and clears her place at the table at every meal. She usually responds to my asking for help with "of course!" Which is kind of random seeing as cleaning up toys starts a miniature WWIII. She's a flibberty gibbit, that one.

Made it? If you have then you must be a direct relation to little Miss Letteria and I applaud you. These sorts of posts are written just for us right?