peach picking!

The other week, right after our return from Maine, we went along with our Fitz's to get ourselves some peaches. It had rained during the night and was threatening more that morning, but we lucked out with not only dry skies, but dried ground as well. I've learned from experience that wet fields means wet grassy feet and this year I was going to save the van that mess. Wellies for all (and on a side note I am a bit excited to get my Hunters out of their storage spot, Fall is almost upon us!)!

I wish there was a closer orchard to us, every time we make the half hour drive there and then spend all of what? Twenty minutes picking? Just to turn around and make the half hour drive back... it's just a bit much, even for me. But yet I continue to make this trek several times a year, year after year.

And so we picked our peaches after Aunt Steph gave a peach picking lesson. The kids ran up and down the rows of trees and were their normal loud selves and when we left I'm sure the peach trees breathed a giant sigh of relief at the calm left behind. 

With our peaches I made a peach cake and Matt froze the rest for the colder months. For a day when we would do almost anything to walk around in the heat and pick a fuzzy peach from a tree.