maine memories

As I return to one of my three home states (Maine) for a vacation one of course takes a turn or seven down memory lane.

fort building and lots of moss.//ice skating on our bumpy pond.//wildflowers picking.//the smell of macadam and freshly cut grass.//my poppop.//walks around "the circle".//blueberries and rakes.//nancy drew books and the blue hill library.//riding in my grammy's blue car.//sledding for days.//hour long drives to everywhere.//sailboats.//reading under the pear tree.//bike riding.//one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and never being ready because the water was just too darn cold.//the church bells across benjamin river.//black and white musicals at my grammy's house.//the blue hill fair and my first ferris wheel.//chicken sandwiches and fries at country view.//the rose garden around one of our neighbor's pool.//the dock.//waiting all day long for visiting family.//

Those days were the days childhoods are made of. I've got nothing but love for you Maine. I'm happy to be visiting once more. Smelling those smells. Hearing those sounds.



  1. i really love maine. i need to go back. it's kinda a magical place!


  2. We never made it to Maine, but from these memories and you and Ashleys photos - I am definitely going when we are back!

  3. This is the one place I have never been but pretty sure it's my spirit state! I am determined to get my man there for a romantic vacation. And then of course go back again for a family vacation. And then return every year after that forever and ever and ever! LOL! :) thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

  4. I need to visit! Chris has nothing but amazing memories from living there, and your pictures make it even better!!


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