maine memories

As I return to one of my three home states (Maine) for a vacation one of course takes a turn or seven down memory lane.

fort building and lots of moss.//ice skating on our bumpy pond.//wildflowers picking.//the smell of macadam and freshly cut grass.//my poppop.//walks around "the circle".//blueberries and rakes.//nancy drew books and the blue hill library.//riding in my grammy's blue car.//sledding for days.//hour long drives to everywhere.//sailboats.//reading under the pear tree.//bike riding.//one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and never being ready because the water was just too darn cold.//the church bells across benjamin river.//black and white musicals at my grammy's house.//the blue hill fair and my first ferris wheel.//chicken sandwiches and fries at country view.//the rose garden around one of our neighbor's pool.//the dock.//waiting all day long for visiting family.//

Those days were the days childhoods are made of. I've got nothing but love for you Maine. I'm happy to be visiting once more. Smelling those smells. Hearing those sounds.