just call me stoltzfus

I am sure that there are other counties out in the world that do this, but to me, freezing corn is very Lancaster County of me. Very PA Dutch if you will. I know quite a few Lancaster County families who make a day of this, requiring every female in the family to present themselves armed and ready to spend an entire day doing this....This corn freezing business. 

Luckily, I never had to do it, as I hail from New York. But! Matt! Matt does not hail from such a place, and he happens to have a sweet corn tooth. He stalks local farms for the beginning of sweet corn season. He will drive south to another state entirely for some early season ears. And lastly, he will freeze it. Multiple dozens of it. Last year was our first foray into anything with any sort of scale to it (scale meaning 20 dozen). This year we again did the same quanitity, and again included my sister and her husband. Yet this year, we streamlined it. Only requiring 3.5 hours from start to clean up. 

I believe most people do this outside from husking to boiling to kernel removal, however I have an issue with black flies and so we bring the party inside after husking. Husk. Boil. Then per my girlfriend's recommendation, give them an ice bath in the sink (she's a Lancaster County native, born and raised!). After they have cooled off the kernels are removed and then stuffed into quart sized ziploc bags. The end!

And before you knew it, the carnage in the kitchen had been wiped away. The cabinets washed down. The floors steamed. The corn in the freezer. Even if the children were still in their pajamas.  But just look at that beautiful clean island. Heart eyes.