dominic at 8 months.

Eight months is upon us! With it brings roughened knees, the occasional popped blister from too much fun in the jumper, and other assorted bumps and bruises from his constant exploring. He still rocks just the two teeth... and smiles at everything and nothing all together. He pulls himself up on anything deemed sturdy enough to hold his weight. Eight months seems so old to me... I'll blink and he'll be one. And this whole eight month business just cements that for me.
He eats... everything we do. Whatever that may be. There hasn't been a single thing he shyed away from or made a nasty face about. Usually his eyes go wide and a huge smile breaks across his face with any new food, even a pea. The quantity of food is still real small but I have to remind myself that the other kids at his age were on an all baby food diet so, like most things with Dom, this is all new to me. He nurses a few times at night still but significantly less during the day, and if he misses a feeding he doesn't seem to notice.

He sleeps... in his crib for all naps and for the first part of his evening. He goes to bed no later than 8, although as of late it seems to be creeping closer to 7:30. He normally wakes up anywhere between 11-1 at which point I bring him all bleary eyed into our bed for the rest of the night. Sometimes around 4-5 I'll decide I want to spread out and move him back to his crib, where he will then stay till morning. He naps twice during the day, sometimes catching a third nap around dinner every now and again. 

Likes... My Pottery Barn magazines, my giant basket of pine cones, the surge protector light switch, door stops, his sister's display of beaded necklaces, you know, just your general safe baby toys. He loves to eat and smile and make any kind of noise with his hands. He has nothing but heart eyes for his siblings.

Dislikes... When someone takes his water bottle that he was so contentedly chewing on. Biting his tongue. When I won't pick him up and he just is forced to bend himself in half sitting up so that his forehead touches the floor. Being left alone in the living room with that enormous step keeping him hostage. Getting dressed, that's just awful.

His siblings...Letty has taken to calling him "Dommy Poo". Which if we are being honest here I kind of hate but it's hers and so I guess I shouldn't mind it. His first nickname as coined by his big sister. David gets very frustrated whenever Dom comes near him or his toys, but doesn't seem to quite understand David can just move his toys up high. After a little  bit David will sigh with resignation and say okay Dom you can play with _____. Whatever that might be.

I actually struggled getting the pictures for this post because he just will not stop moving. I'll be sure to bring a ball and chain for next month's. But let us not rush it!