diy friendship bracelets

Hello! The year is 1991 and I'll be bringing you a childhood summer fav, the friendship bracelet made out of your mother's embroidery floss!
Now I have to confess, if my memory serves me (which it rarely does), that I never made these as a kid. I knew people who made them. I distinctly remember a neighbor who summered in Maine having them around her ankle all the time. That girl had skills. Anyways I thought Letty might enjoy it as she enjoys all things crafty. So I found a pack of floss on amazon and thanks to my sister-in-law's amazon prime got it two days later. And I'm telling you right now it is too hard for an almost five year old's head. These bracelets. It would have taken a week to complete just one. So I ended up being the maker of the bracelets that now don the kid's ankles and wrists. 

So for those in the class not familiar with this fine art pull up a chair and let's get started. I chose four colors of floss cut to 36 inches each. Tie a knot leaving about a six inch tail and attach to anything. I just taped it as I carted it around throughout the day. 

Start by taking the strand on the furthest left and make a "four" over the neighbor to the right. 

Then pull the end of that strand up through the "four". 

Holding the second strand taught pull strand one up until the knot is tight and then repeat. Two knots per strand is the name of the game. Here is where I got confused then. Two knots on strand two. Two knots then on strand three. And then two knots on strand four. Then you start the next row with strand two, sort of moving them along in position the whole way. Is this the easiest method? I don't know. 

Then when it's the length you want tie it off and braid it and tie again and wala! All done!!

It's a good train. My little surfer boy.