day in the life

This day was a typical Tuesday last week... Even though I was up at 3 and 5 for Dom to get a quick feeding in I will save you a photo of my darkened bedroom and start with a more decent hour when David stands at his bedroom door and cries for daddy. To which I answer. 

7:00 am
We recently acquired our third set of dishes in the almost 9 years that we have been married (thanks to mom and dad's birthday gift!). Trying to find room for the new white while keeping the perfectly good pieces left from my last set was like a game of Jenga. Which I was naturally doing at 7 am while David ate his French toast sticks. I gave him his allergy meds and got Letty her vitamins even though she has yet to emerge from her room. Matt and Dom are still asleep and I sip on my coffee. 

8:00 am
I make the beds and get the kid's clothes ready for the day before heading down to the treadmill while Matt watches the kids. I'm currently on season two of Nashville. Never thought I would say it. But I dig it. I do a combination of walking/jogging/inclines until 45 minutes has passed and I go back upstairs into the real world where Matt has just finished dressing the kids and is feeding Dominic his breakfast of yogurt and a pancake (small one). 

9:00 am
I shower and do the kid's hair and teeth before feeding Dom again. I want to get Letty's thank you's in the mail from her party before we head over to my mother's. She does an excellent job spacing does she not?

10:00 am
At my mom's and enjoying the first of about four glasses of this delicious Ooh La Latte that is my new Christmas cake-like addiction. My mom watches my niece on Tuesdays and so the kids all play and it's generally loud and full of kisses. All. Day. Long. 

11:00 am
Dom and his naps are taken just wherever he can get them. In this case, my lap. Kids are still playing, about three or four rounds in the boxing ring over a pilot figure from 1985. 

12:00 pm
Matt is in Lebanon around lunch and he picks us up Five Guys which I mean WOW. Greasy deliciousness. David gets special treatment with McDonald's, Letty gets two hot dogs that she gallantly shares with her cousin and youngest brother. Dom loves this food just as much as any other food I give him. 

1:00 pm
More of the same. These long days at my mom's help break up her day and occupy my niece. It's much more fun for all that way. Someday maybe we will get back into Tuesday's being errands day buttttttt that might be when the bigger two are in school full time. In the meantime cousin bonding at home is just perfect if you ask me.

2:00 pm
Strangely enough David climbed up on Nonna's lap to watch his iPad and just rolled over and fell asleep. Comfortable pillows he has. He rarely naps anymore so that tells me he is either not feeling the best from that cold he just had or he is recovering from the crazy party weekend. Or both. Photograph credits go to Letty, who was annoyed she had to walk away from YouTube to take it. 

3:00 pm
Still. Sleeping. I had to move him off Nonna so she could get Lena and he didn't even budge. He slept for almost two hours. I eventually woke him and headed home for the day. 

4:00 pm
Waiting for us at home was my first Pura Vida package. I kind of love them and so does Letty. She was psyched they are water proof and so promptly gave them their inaugural dip in our pool. That was like bath water since it was so stinking hot outside. 

5:00 pm
From one body of water to another, it was tubby time. In the room that glows. Dom got a quick dip while the big kids were still in the pool with Matt and then it was their turn. While they played I folded laundry that I had left in the dryer from last night. Gasp! Oh the horror!!

6:00 pm
Since we are getting ready to leave for vacation meals this week are of the "must go" variety. Here I am with my favorite Chinese, pork fried rice (no vegetables). Everybody ate something different and those nights are just fine by me. 

7:00 pm
The kids play in the playroom waiting for Matt to shower so they can go watch a movie in our newly improved movie theater. Something about a receiver and a broken projector and the like, it's all very technical. They go down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and I start to feed Dom for the last time of the day (is it the last time though?). 

8:00 pm
Kids are all asleep and I head downstairs for my second work out of the day. I do two-a-days three days a week, 45 minutes on the elliptical. I read during these work outs because I haven't been finding the time to read any other time during my days. Tabitha recently restarted the Twilight series and while I love Outlander, I had to join her. 

9:00 pm
I'm showered and hydrated and gearing up to watch The Real Housewives of NYC. Matt's favorite. Dom has been super congested and fussy this evening so as soon as the show ends I head to bed knowing it'll be a rough night sleeping wise. 

And guess what? It was!