a maine lake house part vii: funky bow brewery and a farewell to kennebunkport

After our lovely lobster and steak dinner we packed up those well enough to go, read: left David at home with my parents; and headed off to Funky Bow Brewery, a shocking eight minutes from our house. The brewery has live music every Friday and Saturday and brick oven pizzas and of course, their beer. Which we all loved. It was one of the more fun things we've done this trip... Sitting outside listening to good tunes in excellent weather with well behaved children and delicious brews. And I even let a puppy lick my babies face and didn't wipe him down. 

The next morning after quite the rough night, (never let your daughter eat five bowls of popcorn after half a pizza and then followed by vanilla wafers) we returned to Kennebunkport for a little shopping and one last big family meal. But not before David decided to kick off one of his brand new birthday present from my Grammy crocs into the water as the tide was going out. Matt and Rob tried to rescue the lost shoe, but to no avail. I contemplated briefly throwing David in after it but my sanity returned before any rash decision was made. And! We found knock-off crocs for five bucks in a local shop that happened to be his size. And I only gave David the silent treatment for an hour. After a lunch overlooking the harbor my brother and Sadie headed off to another week on a lake, the lucky ducks, and we returned back to pack up the enormous amount of gear we had brought. We were supposed to leave Sunday morning, but following a night of sick and cranky children we decided to just hit the road while we were ahead and drive through the night, which ended up working in our favor.

And on that scenic note, so long for now Maine, you're quite pretty and lovely. And thank you to mom and dad for taking us all away to a lake for a week. Everyone really had such a great time and that is all that matters, sick kids and lost crocs or not.