a maine lake house part vi: cape elizabeth and two lobsters

Anxious to see more of my typical idea of Maine, I dragged those closest to me to Cape Elizabeth, to see the lighthouse that calls that area home. While we couldn't get close to the actually building we were able to explore the tide pools nearby and climb rocks, just like I used to do all the time when I was a kid. Letty fell only once and David developed a healthy sense of something I like to call: caution. We then drove down the road just a few minutes to Two Lights State Park (which incidentally boasts zero lights) where we walked along the trails and stared at the beautiful craggy coast and then let the kids blow off more steam at the playground there. How is it that my children never seem to run off their steam? Ever.

We were in charge of dinner (and by we I mean Matt) that evening and found ourselves some fresh seafood for a little surf n' turf. Two lobsters and twenty scallops in addition to the steaks. I had my first scallop which I deemed delicious and the house only stunk of seafood for say, 24 hours.



  1. well the kiddos look super happy in these photos. ok they always do but you get my point :) also proud of you for the scallop tasting! woot!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I might have to crash your next trip to Maine! So much fun! Just love your family to pieces!

  3. Aww I love the pictures of you and the kids and Matt and the kids on the rock! And Oh my gosh I love Lena's pig tail sticking straight up! So cute. I still feel bad for the lobsters. It's a shame the kids missed the screaming. Haha.

  4. ahhh what heavenly scenery!! i love your fam fam in front of the lighthouse! i realized recently - the horror - umm, i've never seen a lighthouse in person. isn't that awful?! i've had dreams of a new england getaway and one day i'll make it! anyway, such pretty babes in a pretty place!! and dom is like... i am busting ouuuut of this wrap! i think maddo used to do that, too! i don't think i was even able to wrap her beyond 6 months [switched to ergo] so i am impressed!!!! i still love the wrap, though, it's the coziest, isn't it!!

  5. This is simply gorgeous! Except the lobsters. Ewww. ;-)


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