a maine lake house part v: a family hike to agamenticus

After my disappointment in the activity the day before, I was more than happy to agree to my brother's suggestion of a big ole family hike. Mount Agamenticus, not only nearby but also impossible to pronounce, was our destination. We layered on our anti-bug bracelets and sprayed ourselves down and more of the like before starting off on what would be about a mile and a half round trip hike. Three babies. Three baby carriers. And a whole lot of noise. There was no wildlife to be seen anywhere. While it was mainly uphill, hence the "mount", the kids did pretty great considering. David started coming down with a fever this day so he was dragging a bit, but other than that and the daily trip and fall that Letty has to have it went off swimmingly (hikingly?).

This is my idea of a hike. Full of family, great weather, short in length, and with something to see at the end to make it all worthwhile. And by that I mean Colton wearing a baby. What view?

And then! A drone family photo!!



  1. ah i love a good hike and well, with all those people and babies how can you go wrong? i'm sure there's some behind the scenes fun you can text me later ha. but yes to nature!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I feel like I have nothing more to say other than "great pictures!" with these Maine posts. But, it's true. Truly great pictures :) glad to know it was a short hike. I'm sweating just thinking about wearing Sydney on a hike. Glad the view was worth it!

  3. I am itching for a nice long hike this weekend since we missed out last weekend. I feel like all we do is hike.....but I can never get enough, no matter how insane it is every time. Ha!

  4. awww what a perfect day for a hike! and oh poor letty with her daily trip and fall. such is life. but ahhh, a drone family photo!!! yesss!! that is so so great!! my dad LOVES his drone. and yet... we do not have a family photo!

  5. I love hiking! I really should do more of it. This looks like the perfect day for it for sure.


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