a maine lake house part iv: old orchard beach and babies first lake | andiamo

a maine lake house part iv: old orchard beach and babies first lake


Just a short drive away there lay what we so fondly dubbed, the Jersey Shore of Maine, but otherwise known as Old Orchard Beach. Full of arcades and food trucks and giving off a "I came here to party" vibe, it wasn't anything like I expected. Nor was it anything like I would imagine Maine to have under it's watchful eye. But still we had made the drive and had vied for the best parking and so darn it, Lena was going to dip her delicate toes into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. And dip she did. After which we drove far and wide to a very tasty and generous Chinese restaurant where we all gorged ourselves stupid, before more lake hangs. Both my nieces got to dip their toes into their first lake. Babies first and all that. Which come to think of it Dominic did not get to experience. Shame on me. Shame. On. Me. And! Matching bathing suits!



  1. omg letty and lena's matching suits. SO cute. great photos. you went there to party for sure :)

    xo cheshirekatblog.com

  2. This beach and partying sounds like fun. I love me some food trucks! I think we might have to put this on our list of must do things when I finally drag my honey to Maine! I've been sharing your pics and I think he's warming up to the idea. Love how much fun you guys are having!

  3. I'm cold just thinking of that water. Baby swim suits are the best!

  4. Again..lots of great pictures! And Mikalya sitting in the lake without a care in the world! Ha

  5. This looking amazing! Love the photos. Definitely my kind of place.


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