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a maine lake house part iii: portland head light and lena's birthday


This trip to Maine was very special in that it contained three of our family's birthdays. And next on deck was my niece Lena girl! So naturally the day was filled with things that a one year old lovely lady would enjoy, right? Right. We headed off to Portland Head Light in defiance of the ominous clouds and really lucked out as the rain moved out just in time. This is apparently the oldest lighthouse in Maine and has all sorts of nice wandering trails surrounding it. The umbrella even came in handy to protect my mother from the sun, which she really enjoyed. We even saw a few little lupines! 

We then drove to Portland to see about the Shipyard Brewing Company, where we had a lovely tasting. That grapefruit one man, my fav. We had lunch in Portland as well and then tried in vain to find what we imagined Portland would have. A harbor. Like one we could walk along and see the fishing boats and the like. But after a few rough looking alleys we decided to cut our losses and take the babies home. Where we had cake! And singing! And another good sunset!



  1. shipyard! and oh man baby lena is just so cute! that cake and baby shot! yesssss :) oh maine. never gets old

    xo cheshirekatblog.com

  2. Lovely lovely pictures!! And Lettys dress....is that the one from Dan and Heidi? She looks so adorable!

  3. aww the cake eating pic! Always my fave. I love lighthouses. Haven't been to one in ages. So purty all those pictures you got there.

  4. so much fun! And those sunsets are making me jealous yo! LOL! :) Love it!

  5. Dude these photos are just stunning!

  6. Okay...tell Letty I say stop it. Stop it right now! She looks like she has grown and changed so much this summer!!

  7. It is so gorgeous there. That sea of yellow calls to me. And how cute is Lena!


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