a maine lake house part i: arrival and kennebunkport

The past week was spent on Swan Pond in Lyman, Maine. Just us and the entire Trovato clan, totally in at 15 bodies. The week was full of kayaking and fishing and sunsets. Runs along sandy shouldered roads. Fallen pine needles. Lake rains and late night bonfires. Dirty feet and early mornings. Those cool breezes while sitting in the shade watching the kids play.  The RMD's, Real Maine days.  A minor ear injury to my very accident prone brother. The first time I ever saw a shooting star and then a Milky Way sighting. Watching the International Space Station flying across the sky. Laying on the dock and more general star gazing. Long drives to get everywhere. The sound of loons echoing off the lake. And lots and lots of quality family time.

It was a very good week. And I'm about to recount it for all who care to hear. 

We arrived there last Sunday after driving the entire day (which just so happened to be Letty's actual birthday). We found our rental through Home Away, located in Southern Maine about a half an hour from Portland. After getting settled the kids went out on their first kayak trip with their adventurous Uncle T. We all enjoyed a nice late night fire pit after dinner before hitting the hay, somehow all five of us in one bedroom. Yes it can be done and we did it and all my fears leading up to this trip were for naught.

The next morning (my birthday - so many birthdays!) those that wanted to headed into Kennebunkport, known I believe, for being the summer home of the Bush Family. We walked along the coast and gaped at the mansions that reside there and got a great view of the Bush Compound. After a quick lunch we headed back to the lake house to relax and let the kids be kids.