a first birthday party|twinkle twinkle lena girl

A few weekends ago my niece had her very first first birthday party. Yes her birthday was actually when we were in Maine, but of course we had to have a party! Friends and family gathered on the hottest day of the year (I rarely exaggerate) at my sister's house in her newly finished basement for a twinkle twinkle little star themed party. My sister and her husband did an excellent job decorating and planning...Obviously. It was perfect. Lena girl has now transitioned from baby to a toddler without so much as a fuss. There was a lot of good eats, cake and singing, present opening (which was like a feeding frenzy my-lanta), and bounce house having. This girl is such a ball of personality I can't even stand it. She has more of it in her finger than I do in my entire body. I can't wait to watch her grow and I just love her so very much. The little girl that made me an aunt! How you do make me smile.

And after sweating for almost four hours the kids went straight into the shower before straight to bed. Maybe summer being almost over isn't such a sad thing? And besides - then fall!