a boy's first air show

There is a small airport nearby, the Lancaster Airport, that among other things, boasts a semi-annual Community Days weekend, that includes an airshow and planes and lots of food trucks and lots and lots of people. My Facebook newsfeed was just riddled with photos of my friend's children at this event over the course of the past weekend. It's free so that pretty much brings all the boys (me) to the yard. 

Matt and his brothers were frequent air show attendees when they were kids but this was all new terrain for me. People actually bring chairs? I blended in nicely with my big girl camera and even felt like she was a bit under dressed for this occasion (I saw one lens that was a foot long!). I dressed the boys in the best "air show" wear that I had (mainly plane and helicopter t-shirts), and Letty decided that her best "air show" wear would be her Frozen dress from her birthday. We paid the $5 for parking and went off with nothing but visions of grandeur in our eyes. 

There were plenty of planes and helicopters for the kids to admire, and even a few that they could go inside of, which is pretty awesome even for an adult. Turkey Hill was giving away free ice cream and tea samples which might have been a bigger hit than the big military plane... Maybe. We waited patiently at a spot we found near the yellow rope for the air show to begin.... and we kept waiting. We waited there in the heat on the tarmac, baking in the sun for 45 minutes. And then we decided that we were spent of this and we wanted air conditioning. By the time we got to the van the first plane went up to do it's tricks (a full hour late) and so at least we got to see that.... Which, while tame to Matt's standards, I thought was pretty cool.

As we were pulling away Letty thanked us (without any suggestions from us) for taking them to the air show. David decided that planes are now his favorite. And Dominic just fell asleep.