Dominic, aged 8 months: After over a month of a runny nose and general crankiness I finally caved and took him to the pediatrician. The crankiness had gone up an octave or ten and it turns out he was right on the cusp of a double ear infection. Antibiotics to the rescue!! The first night he slept through the night, the first time since June. Coincidence? I think so.

David, aged 3 years: He's a master of the potty. We have pretty much nailed standing up and we are working on being a gentleman and putting the seat down after every use. He has been accident free (knock on wood) for nine days! Who would have thunk it! And sometimes he even forgets to ask for his chocolate reward!! And how about that hair cut he is rocking? Little cutie.

Letteria, aged 5 years: It isn't a day until Letty has injured herself in some fashion. I'm just lucky that these injuries aren't of the caliber of this one, or this one. But yesterday's injury involved resting her leg on the exhaust of the van and sort of burning it? Leave it to her... And she has started as of late to hide the fact that she is hurt? She just sort of runs away and won't answer us and then starts crying and it takes about five minutes of exhausting attempts to calm her down till we can decipher she is actually in pain. Kids.

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  1. aww poor dombaby!! i am glad he's on the mend now!! hopefully better sleep for many nights!! and gooo david!! that's awesome! we have had to bring back rewards ["special treats"] because m has started doing what letty does over her booboos! she won't tell us she has to go and tries to pretend she doesn't need to! it's been interesting. but poor letty!! growing up is so hard!!

    1. oh but m does it over her need to potty is what i mean...

  2. oh my goodness david looks so old here. it's just wild. and letty is as klutzy as her crazy aunt kerri. oy. tell them to try to avoid trauma until i visit their cute buns in a few weeks!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Holy crap David is the spitting image of Dan in this picture. Glad Dom is feeling better! Poor thing.

  4. Aww poor Dom, that has to be rough!! And I can sympathize with Letty...I can't put one foot in front of the other! haha

  5. I have that same problem as Letty., unfortunately. Yay for successes with the boys!


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