Dominic, aged 8 months: His napping game has finally come into a routine... and that is probably because we have been home practically forever and stuck inside potty training David so that is allowing Dom to get into a routine. Morning naps, afternoon naps, always on the belly curled up like this.

David, aged 3 years: I hate potty training. HATE. I would happily allow him to remain in diapers till kindergarten but I was over ruled. We just ripped off the proverbial bandaid if you will and put him in underpants and didn't leave the house. The first day was bad... but the second day and every day since has gone remarkably well. We just need to work on the number twos. They have been an issue. Ew.

Letteria, aged 5 years: She's watching Bye, Bye, Birdie. Naturally, right? She's always had a thing for musicals and this is no exception. She has been sort of ignored for the most part this past week because she is so much more self efficient than her brothers. She might actually be enjoying her new-found independence a bit tooo much.

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