I had a discussion this past week with my brother about seeing an image of life with a child, say on Instagram, and thinking it's all lovely and perfect. It doesn't show the millions of other moments that led up to that one photo. In other words, it ain't all roses. So this week, coming off of a week long vacation and a drive through the night kind of drive, I thought I wouldn't put on any "airs" with this week's pictures. There was no doing of hair, no brushing of teeth, not even any getting dressed happening. This is exactly what it looked like here yesterday, Sunday the 9th of August at exactly 11:03 am. 

Dominic, aged 7.5 months: He has starting pulling himself to stand up on everything. And I mean everything. He is getting quite into everything and it's just all a bit too soon for me I would say. The reason we are going pants less is that he pooped for the first time in 7 days and well as you can imagine, it wasn't pretty. The shorts were not spared. 

David, aged 3 years: I'm elbows deep in my fourth load of laundry since we got up at 6 am (yes we arrived home at three so you carry the two and yup! We got two hours of sleep, Matt and I.) and I'm definitely letting the iPad and simultaneous TV watching happen here. All his favorite things. Right in arm's reach. 

Letteria, aged 5 years: First she got hit in the temple by a flying figurine (David was the culprit, or so I'm told) and then no less than three minutes after that melt down was diffused she hauls off and smacks David. So she was then banished to her room where I decreed she was NEVER MORE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH DAVID. Or something equally rational. She's wearing pajama shorts with a regular tank top because she threw up all over herself after eating too much the other night and well... The top was sacrificed whilst the shorts survived. 

Class class class. 

Past weekly shots here.



  1. lol the captions this week. that's real life for you. i love the black and white photos btw. all of it. in and around..my..nope that doesn't work. too wrong. i'm gonna back away slowly now. :) hehe


  2. love the pics and it still looks like a pretty good life to me. being real. being mom. being kids. it's what it's all about! Thanks for sharing and for sharing so honestly!

  3. These captions are gooooood!!! No poop for seven days???? Were you freaking out? That is a new one for me. And the fighting and the blaming of fighting is enough to drive you mad. I hope you guys are recovering well from the vaca!

  4. well I mean it looks pretty cute and all until you read the captions. I'm scarred for life from our last long car trip, two years ish ago. I haven't gotten brave enough to even think about possibly doing that yet. So I guess that works out fine with Chris' uncooperative-ness(???) with a big group trip anywhere.


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