who dominic is at 7 months

Seven months!! This last month brought a bunch of changes. He laughed at his previous sleep schedule and was up all. The. Time. We quit the swaddle. I walked in to check on him three nights ago and found him almost Houdini'd out of his swing so that apparatus is no longer around and I'm refusing to think of what that means. He started eating solid food more regularly (I wish I could say with gusto but alas, no). And he crawls!!! He is excellent at twerking and sitting himself back up. I sort of think he is just trying to keep up with The Jonses'. Meaning everyone he knows. 
He eats... Whatever we eat. Literally. Just tiny tiny bites. He seems to like it. His favorites are any pasta and of course cheese but who can blame him. I don't count how often he nurses during the day/night but I would venture a guess and say it's decreased? Deep stuff I know. 
He sleeps... I am really working on this one. The naps in the swing during the day have been gone for a week or so, but now he naps everywhere else. The car seat. The stroller. The jumper. Etc. Just not in his crib without screaming for a half an hour first. He has been going to bed at 8 on the dot and waking up once or twice for another feeding at some point. In. His. Crib. For three whole nights. 

Likes... His siblings. Smiling. Kissing his cousin Lena. Have I said jumper lately? His water sippy. Sleeping on his belly. 

Dislikes... More of the same, loud noises, milk from a bottle or cup, sitting in poop, having to nap in his crib. Staying still for his mother's incessant photo shoots. The norm. 

His siblings... David for the most part is like brother say wha? But every now and again there is a shining moment where he acknowledges his presence and even that he kinda loves him. Letty needs a restraining order.