who david is at three years

The happiest of birthdays to my middle child! I'm sure I'll always try and compensate for his birth order in some way or another. An extra hug or maybe the allowance to wander away from the table during dinner while we bring the hammer and make his older sister suffer through it? I find myself constantly excusing his behavior to Letty... Oh he doesn't know better than that he's just two. Or the like. Well now he be three. And I feel like he has gone through a complete personality overhaul and back again (almost) in the last few months. He was once so sweet and good. So happy and easy going. The kid could go anywhere and do anything and not bat an eye. Well now? Gird your loins. My girlfriend once described him as Chris Farley-like. Round and soft and happy. Until you make him angry. And then he lives! in! a! van! down! by! the! river! Unable to find the words to express anything properly he just screams as loud as he can until his eyes bulge out of his head. And yet when not angry he is such a talker! So much more so than his sister at this age. We can have complete conversations. And the vocabulary! Dinosaur names. Excavator names. Train names. Lots of names. He's recently added singing to his repertoire, mainly songs about diggers and monster trucks. Along with all his talking is his intellect which is top notch in my experienced opinion. I don't worry about him and school in the least. 

He sleeps amazingly well; this has always been the case with him. To bed with no fuss at 8 on the dot and up 11-12 hours later. Grumpy with a noggin full of bed head as has been his typical morning version of himself since forever. He always take a few moments to collect himself and prepare for the day. 

He eats horribly; this has always been the case with him. Chicken nuggets, peanut butter crackers, chocolate milk. Cookies!! There is zero color to his diet. We sneak liquid vitamins in with his milk every day. He thinks fruit and vegetables are ewwww!!! And finds zero fun in dipping. If there is an offensive item on his plate he will just push the entire thing away. Bad plate!

He loves trains and diggers and especially monster trucks lately. Things with wheels are his most favorite, as always. Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines (let's blaze!) are his current favorite shows.

Potty training? Ha! Moving on. 

The poor boy was diagnosed with allergies this year and has been living on Flonase and Zyrtec, which might explain his crankiness this spring (which was awful, looking back!). He still repeats himself endlessly. He still likes things juuuust so and enjoys his routines. He will choose the same book every night before bed for a week or two and then move on to another for the next two weeks.  He isn't shy and self conscious - he just jumps right in and plays with abandon. He isn't afraid of rides or the characters at amusement parks but hates being left alone in the basement for fear of dinosaurs. Big Hero 6 gave him nightmares the second time he watched it (not the first) and now he freaks out whenever we change the tv over to DVD because he associates all movies with those bad robots!! Bad. Robots.

And he still says fire *uck. 

And as always any photos of any decent quality (years zero and one) were taken by Wishbone Photography.



  1. REALLY elated he still says fire truck in the best of david ways. haha. that boy. i need to see that face again sometime soon. happy birthday mini matt!


  2. SO cute!!!! He really looks JUST like Matt!!! Happy bday David!

  3. Love that kid! :) can't believe he's three!

  4. oh no bad robots!
    I feel the same way in the morning. Just give me a few!
    That face though - happy three!

  5. Bummer about the allergies! I hope they get better soon! He is the CUTEST! And what great hair he has-I'm jealous!

  6. Happy Birthday David!!! Three is quite the adventure! David and Pierce sound so much alike :)

  7. awww happy [belated] birthday!!!! he seems like such a sweet hearted little gentleman! i am with you, though, hitting near three sure brings the spicey out in their little personalities! and thank goodness he's not pronouncing firetruck yet!!!

  8. I can't believe three already! He seems like such a little sweetie. Just want to hug and squeeze him. :)


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