three friends go to dw

Three old high school friends took their not so old children to Dutch Wonderland. Back in those days there was me, the over-active planner, constantly bugging Amber to speak up more and making Rhonda play with my hair (has much changed, really?). There was Amber, responsible and respectful and so very nice. And Rhonda, my insanely generous friend who kept me afloat when everyone else moved away to college and I commuted. 

And now, 11 years later. We met with our offspring at a water park. And well. I mean. Wow. You try wrangling all five children aged between 5 years to 7 months and keeping them together.  You just try. And okay fine so Dominic doesn't really go places fast but... but! I don't even think I had a chance to actually converse with them between the one kid going down one slide and another high-tailing it to a different area completely... so on and so forth...

And let's compare shall we? Mamas of the 90's with their babes circa now?

My children are loud and boisterous and running in a hundred different directions aimlessly. Yup.

Amber's child is quiet and shy and smiley and sweet. And good! Yup.

Rhonda's child is off doing his own thing. Not one to stick with the crowd or be tied down. Beating to his own drum. Can I get a yup?

There you have it. And then they all convened on a towel for a snack.  Food brings all the kids to the yard.

Rhonda had to head out shortly after the water park and we missed her! Here's to future DW visits with my high school friends! Let's hope Dawson will be a good influence on my three...Just like his mother before him.