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thomas and percy. best friends you see.


Every year, twice a year in fact, Thomas graces the Strasburg Railroad with his presence. And every year, twice a year in fact, we go and we see him. I thought it would be a good idea to carpool with the Fitzs for the long drive down there... and was regretting that decision about three minutes in. Those children were amped to be together like that. They need a referee. After many threats and rounds of "let's play the quiet came" we arrived armed with our lunches and a stubborn sense of can do attitude.

The first stop is always the train table and food tent. Which is where we stayed for the majority of our time there. These boys and a dozen train tables... might be their definition of heaven if asked. Avery takes this opportunity to sing on stage, with Letty dutifully watching from the audience. We had our lunch and dragged David screaming out to the next tent, the tattoo tent. Letty chose the most inked guy there, as opposed to the kindly elderly gentleman of course (sign of things to come?). Once everyone had matching tattoos we went out to meet and greet Percy and then of course, Thomas himself. 

There was more kicking and more screaming upon departure which resulted in Aunt Steph carrying David in all his glory the entire walk out to the car. In case you ever wonder where Steph gets her amazing arms from.... there you have it.

After which we let the kids play in the pool for hours, had a Fitz dinner, followed by a Fitz sleepover. These long Fitz days.... They may be a rare find as of late but I sure do love them.



  1. so cute! i love david's face when he visits the trains. so much happiness :) wouldn't even know it was a fun car ride haha

  2. Soo fun!! And David's hat is the cutest! But that car ride, my sympathies. Four kids in my car and I feel like I am about to explode every time we pull in the driveway. I can only imagine one more! haha

  3. I remember going there as a child! So fun!

  4. so I take it you're the cool mom, right? haha seriously this would be little kid heaven!!! I nanny for 2 boys who were absolutely obsessed with thomas and percy (so much that even the title of this post, I knew exactly what it would be about) they would have just died if I could have taken them here!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. Wow they actually have a legit tattoo guy doing the tattoos! Haha. Love David's hat. He looks like he's in his glory.

  6. i love them all riding tiny thomas!! that's such fun for them!! and also love that you ended it with a sleepover... how perfect is that!

  7. These are some really cute photos but really with this group how could they not be? Isn't possible. Letty looks super impressed on the train. :)


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