our fourth of july

We had sort of an odd start to our fourth of July.... mainly just sleeping in and staying in and relaxing...in. Very much the opposite of our normal days, and that was alright for a change I suppose. But come late afternoon we all donned our red white and blue and made the drive over to my parent's development for a party at our favorite Greek's house. Just like last year. Not the year before, but the year before that too... There is a pattern here. The rain kept us inside for the start of the party, but thankfully cleared up so we could take the kids outside for some fireworks brought to them by their neighborhood friendly fireman Uncle Rob before the actual fireworks came at dark. I took the opportunity to update the latest grandchildren photo and baby cousins photo as well as annoyed everyone else in my family with my camera. The food was delicious and plentiful as usual, and the fireworks display was just lovely. Letty finally got to catch some fireflies and all of us, Dominic included, enjoyed the fireworks. Shocker of all shockers.

Thanks for having us, our favorite Greeks!



  1. love these photos. everyone is so festive! and lil dom passed out. aw. love me lots of babies!


  2. Great pictures! Looks like a fun family day. So many cute babies! Letty and David are pretty cute too ;)

    Now I want a cupcake!

  3. That group shot is everything!! These pictures are sooo good.

  4. You got so many great shots!!! I'd think they'd be used to your camera attached hand now? I love the one where baby on the right is touching Dom's face all nonchalantly like that hand has a mind of its own I don't even know what it is doing type style.

  5. Sometimes lazy days at home are good too. Did you see all that cheese? I am drooling over here. Love the family photos, as always.


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