my favorite instagrammers

I love Instagram. It is by far my most favorite form of social media. Ever. Some of these accounts I know in real life, others I just wish I did! Some of these accounts are bloggers and some are not. Some I have been following since the beginning and some are very recent finds. Apparently I have a thing for babies and pretty images but I mean, who doesn't? This isn't a comprehensive list and it is ever-evolving but as of today? Today, these are my favorites.

//jlgarvin I love her blog, love her photos, love her chalkboards, you name it. //camp_patton I have said it a hundred times, but I love her blog. And her feed has the same hilarity and relatability as the blog.//beebeebrittany has such a charmed little fairy tale life and her images are just as charming.//itsahuntlife from around boston but about to head to italy for three months so I'll be living vicariously through her. //jc_trovato I'm a bit partial to this account as anyone who knows me gets but his photos and captions are on point. //tissespieces She lives on a lake. Has a bus. Raises chickens. //hannnahbeth A photographer who travels, I discovered her before I learned she was originally from this area. //mama_2thelittleones They live in the alps. Enough said. //dearestdaughters I want my feed to be like hers when it grows up. //jessica_kesti I like her kitchen. Among other things. //xomrsmeasom Some people just have the cutest bump. She is one of those peoples. //chasingmyhalo I've only been following her for a short while but it's been a good follow. //breehurst I know her, I really do. And she has a cute pet! //kelsey_pardonmf She's living in Alaska, she's stylish, and she's a super mom. //decorotation Where I get a hit of interior design. //bethanymenzel Beautiful images, lately laced with such a sad story that I find myself telling everyone about her as if I know her personally.//

So what are some of your favorite Instagram feeds? I'm always in the market...