letty vs. siri

L: Ugh! I was watching a moobie and you interrupted me!!!
S: What can I help you with, Letty?

L: What's the wedder like today?
S: Okay, here is the weather for today.
L: Wedder! Wedder! WEDDER!
S: What's wrong with this weather?
L: I'm trying to find da wedder but I can't!!

L: Do you know E? She's not here right now she's home.
S: I don't understand.

L: We're going to go in the pool today it's going to be awesome I can go under water!
S: Okay, here is the weather for today.
L: I'm not looking for the wedder!!!! Is it sunny? Is it sunny!?
S: How may I help you?

L: Hello Siri. 
S: Hello, Letty. 
L: I know you! How are you?
S: I'm very well thank you. 

L: You know? Daybed is eating a cookie.
S: I don't understand.

L: What's your favorite princess?
S: I don't know what you mean, penis?
L: What's your favorite princess!
S: Letty, you are not supposed to ask your assistant such things.

And on that note have a great weekend!