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it is cherry season once more


Let's pick all the fruit we can, yes? Get outside and bring the kids and just you know, get your feet covered in wet grass and your fingers all sticky and give those kids a sense of accomplishment. The majority of our picking needs are met by a certain Cherry Hill Orchards. From cherries to pumpkins they carry us through all the seasons. Last week we loaded up the van with my mother and sister and Lena (!) and drove down yonder to get us some sweet dark cherries. Nonna provided the bags and general cherry knowledge, Beth picked for David while he held his bag open (can't touch the nasty fruit now can we?), and Letty climbed every ladder along the way. And Dom? Well, Dom didn't have much to say in the matter.

And then to top it all off Nonna treated us to all picked cherries! Thank you Nonna!

Last year's cherries here. And before that here.



  1. i just love cherries. only way i knew it was cherry season was seeing them at the grocery store. bc i am a hermit crab. haha. great photos momma!


  2. I bet Lettys really getting to the age where she "gets it". It seems like forever ago when I went with just you and a tiny Letty. At least I think we picked cherries! I know there was ladders involved haha.

  3. I just want to pick some fruit....can Alaska not grant me that one wish? And look at you with those three babes, just makin it look easy!

  4. aww so fun!! there is so much to pick up there!! cherries never even occurred to me!! suuuch a perfect kid activity, right?! all your babes look so happy :) and tan!!! ps. dom is your baby twin! at least he looks it at this age!!

  5. Mmm! Yummy! I just made a cherry cobbler a couple weekends was delish! Cherry is my fave!

  6. Cherry picking sounds like the best. They are always so expensive in the store. I'm hoping you'd save some by doing all that manual labor yourself. I don't think we do cherries in FL though. Is orange picking a thing? I've never heard of it, you'd think they'd be all over that in FL.

  7. Yummm. Another successful outing. I should totally be picking fruit too but I am too lazy even though I love it. ;-)


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