i don't need a shovel. i've got a donk.

This house has had yet another (slight) overhaul. To refresh any memories, or for the new folk, here is what our abode looked like the fall before we moved in. We moved in winter and that's just yuck all around. 

Then last spring we painted the shutters and the door (we did the garage door as well just after this photo was taken). We removed some bushes and added in some others. We updated the lamp post shortly outside of War Drobe of Spare Oom. And that was it for the year. 

And then last Friday happened. I had recently decided that I hated the landscaping in the front of the house. It was all a bit too large, two of the bushes were growing out over the walkway. It was uneven, with all the mature trees to the right and sloping downward. Thankfully Matt agreed. My mother helped figure out a plan and the trees were purchased. And while I was off galavanting around DW with Steph, Matt, and practically everyone else in my family, made the plan a reality. 

First was removing the bushes under the window to the right. Followed shortly by moving the bushes from the front of the stoop to under those very same windows. Musical bushes, as it were. Two sky pencils, one spiraea and some annual rearranging later and wala!

I pulled in the driveway and announced I was here to help! as my mother was watering the finished product. Whoops. I really thought it would take longer than it did. But I suppose when you have a village and a donk assisting you things move quickly. 

I love the finished product so much more! And I love my family for coming to Matt's aide and helping so so much! We are quite lucky. Oh and you are welcome for removing the kids to DW. 



  1. it looks great!!! housey has come such a long way! and what a wonderful family!! i love how you guys all pitch in together, always. :) that is the best!

  2. so that looks fantastic. such a head for knowing. and your mom is totally regulating the boys out there - as she should! keep them focused haha. yay for updates!!


  3. Oh wow! That looks great! How nice of your family to really help each other out.

  4. It turned out great!! And I love how the whole fam bam got in on the action, well except you of course. haha! But your mom was there to direct! :)

  5. How convenient for you to arrive when you did ;) looks great!

  6. Love it! That Matt sure is Handy. haha. Your family is fabulous for sure. You arrived at about exactly the same time I would have. ;-)


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