for him or for herr, it's a good tour. | andiamo

for him or for herr, it's a good tour.


People fall in to two categories in life. Those that find factory tours informative and, dare I say, fun. And those that find the idea right alongside say, a root canal. We fall into the first group. And our Fitzs do as well. Last summer Kerri and I took the kids to Utz. And this summer it is on to Herr's! The facility is about an hour away from us through Amish country and over hill and dale. And free of course! Yay! 

We planned ahead and registered for a tour slot, and ended up being in the Jalepeno group. Ole! We watched a short video about the company's history (corny but still kinda cool) and then we toured the factory. We saw where the potatoes come in, how corn chips were made, and got to taste chips HOT off the line. Literally. They have got quite the production there. And those chips on the floor scattered all over? They get ground up and fed to cows down the road. How about it!?

The tour ended with two free bags of chips each and a little wander through their shop. We now have far too many chips in our pantry than my waistline prefers. But so tasty!!

I'm already plotting our next tour!



  1. oooh that is so fun! I'm in the first category too! Does a wine tour/tasting count? That is our fave thing to do in St. Augustine.

  2. Your not so little family anymore is just so darn cute! I will have to keep these free chip factory tours in mind for when Syd gets a bit older. The perks of living in Lancaster county! Clever title by the way! :)

  3. OH one for my list! who doesn't love chips + tours?! I do I do!

  4. so fascinating!! and so many factories to tour?! girl, skip the hikes and hit those factories!! ;) i have always wanted to go to the hershey one, but i didn't know there were all these to choose from!! so fun, espesh for the kids to look back on!!

  5. I've always wanted to tour the Herr's factory! Have you guys done the Crayola factory? I hear that one is great!

  6. I loooooove jalapeño chips! I also love how autocorrect threw that spelling together real quick like! But, I would be all over this. Chips are my weakness!

  7. Sounds like a delicious tour. I don't think we have Herr's here, of course. haha


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