diy birthday stats boards

So I made these birthday stats boards for my nieces (both born the same day!) for their first birthday parties (too soon!). The mothers provided the gear and I provided the penmanship. They got poster board from Hobby Lobby for $5.99 and Tree House Studio paint markers for approximately $3. 

I started out by sketching a rough draft on paper with all their stats. Then I more carefully sketched it out in pencil on the foam board. Gently, you don't want to leave indentations. I used a ruler for the lines of course, because this girl cannot draw a straight line to save her life. And then I started tracing with the paint marker. The white seemed to soak in to the board so I had to do three "coats" of the white. The pink was slightly less needy, requiring only two coats. The gold was like hello!!!

I'm really happy with how they turned out! And such a fun keepsake for the mamas on their baby girl's first birthday!!! And it keeps! Unlike my chalkboard walls.