a pipe and a crepe

Our final full day at The Shore started off with the culinary stylings of the youngest Olsen brother, Dan. They arrived and caused a flurry of activity that ended up with some very tasty brunch. 

After which Aunt Sue took the big kids and I out on the jet ski. Two years ago Letty loved it, but last year she was weird and wouldn't do it. And here we are. At it again. Sue got it up to 17 mph and Letty had enough of it at that speed, no more. David was in the midst of a toddler tantrum that was quite embarrassing for us all, but mostly for him. He was plunked on the jet ski by his father in his pink life vest with his fingers firmly placed in his mouth, commenting on every boat and bird he saw but NO, not faster! How lucky are these kids? Jet skiing at their age!?

All of this followed by more pool time and our final family dinner together. We left the next morning to Letty's pitiful sniffles that had me remembering my own crushed little heart whenever I would drive away from my grandma's house. I feel for her, I do. Vacations ending are rough. Vacations ending with fun family you don't see that often is even rougher. We started discussing all the fun things to look forward to this summer and soon enough she too was moving on. But that bunk bed man. That thing she still is hooked on. 

As always, thank you Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue for hosting my brood and just being so good to my kids!

There was one better family photo except Letteria ruined it by sticking out her tongue. Ahem. 

And hey! It's July first! How?!