a parade! or halloween in july!

Oh how I love a parade! Oh how I love a tradition! Last year this event was rained out (two years ago here) but this year made up for it in spades! The weather was juuuust perfect. We found a great parking spot that allowed for an easy exit. We got prime lawn chair real estate (glad we remembered to bring said chairs this time around). We made it to the pizzeria just in time for our pizza to be ready. The babies enjoyed themselves. Well. One baby did. Dom screamed and cried and just was generally unhappy unless he had his crinkled up water bottle. Why do children love water bottles? And packs of baby wipes? The bigger kids got more candy than on Halloween. Our candy drawer (yes we have a drawer) is stocked once more with all kinds of goodies. The parade participants were not stingy this year. No sir. So see? Made up for it in spades. I just might forgive the weather gods for ruining last year and breaking my little traditional heart.

This is such a nice parade as parades go. It lasts about an hour and has all kinds of things to look at. David's favorite parts were the ones with the fire trucks. And all the parts with the candy. He was quite disappointed when a float passed him by that did not share the wealth. The two of them ended up being little scavengers! I was proud of Letty that she shared candy with a little girl next to us who just could never quite get out there fast enough to scrounge some of her own. Every now and then she has a sweet side that girl. And that Dom. He is my little buddy that one. He normally starts his bed time feeding around seven and certainly hates to have any distractions so it wasn't easy for him to be out there. The parade ended just in the nick of time because I was just about to head back to the van with him when the final float went by. And that's what I call a great success of a night with a big giant bow on top.

That up there is only about a quarter of the total candy collected. And yes, the children brushed their teeth very well before bed.