a dinosaur's birthday that wasn't

Happy happy Fourth of July (weekend)! Hopefully wherever you'll find yourself today you'll be eating some bbq and watching some fireworks and just doing all the other all-American type of activities we so love about the summer and this holiday. I know we will be!

Last week was our purple dino friend's birthday party, always in Duke's Lagoon at Dutch Wonderland. It was a hectic day that started out with cherries and then Dom's six month well-visit (18 pounds, 9 ounces) and then found me driving down the highway towards DW. We just cannot miss his party! Usually involving tons of children and frantic parents trying to keep an eye on all of them at once, lots of snacks, card coloring, loud music and games and ending up with cupcakes. The kids enjoy! 

But when the Fitzs and I arrived at Duke's Lagoon it was eerily quiet. The forecast was calling for rain but surely not enough to cancel his birthday party? Surely?  After the party was forty minutes late we figured that it had been cancelled and packed up to leave, only to be told no, not cancelled, simply moved to another location. Shame on us you know? The other location only boasted Crush orange soda samples and card coloring... it was quite a disappointment. I heard they would have cake eventually but at that point we had waited long enough. And in typical Laurie and Steph fashion we both had evening plans... so.... next year? We confirm party location first and foremost. We didn't even get to hang with Duke and wish the birthday boy a happy day!

The above is becoming David's new MO. Squat down. Stare at the ground. Ignore all pleadings from his mother. Repeat. Anyways have a great holiday weekend!!