a boy's paw patrol party

It was this guy's birthday over the weekend. And we had a party. A party with Paw Patrol. Which if you have a young child that happens to be a boy, you may be familiar with. Puppies. Who help people. It's become quite the favorite.

The day started off with a nice walk to stare at the parked diggers and about a twenty minute conversation with me and a sleeping Dominic about the piles of dirt and the general plan of action come Monday morning when they wouldn't be asleep anymore... Then we moved on to a rare outdoor lunch of chicken nuggets and fries with sandbox time and lots of swimming as David's alter ego, Marcello. By the time the party rolled around he was a bit tired but pretty psyched for the chips and the cake and the presents.

This was the first party where all four new babies born in the past year were together. The noise level went up about four octaves compared to parties past, which is a lot, even for us.  We had chips and homemade bread and lasagna, courtesy of Matt of course. David opened some gifts, Rubble and some monster trucks, as well as a fire truck puzzle and a water hose backpack (used to water my plants later that very evening). The bike from my parents he obviously already had, but he got a helmet and safety gear to go with it. His birthday party outfit of course and various other Paw Patrol gear. And a thank for the cards too! The babies found the tissue paper to be the most fun thing of all - Christmas morning should be a complete and utter mad house!

I made sure to recreate a picture taken at Letty's Frozen party last year of the four pregnant mamas (two of which delivered the very next day!), this time as four mamas with four babies. Because I'm sick like that. I am still trying to convince my brothers to recreate funny photos from when we were kids.

Last year at David's party I neglected to take pictures of him with all the guests and made an attempt to remedy that this year. However I completely missed the boat with the Olsens until they were on their way home. I'm sorry!! After Dominic had already been put to bed for the night (till one a.m. of course) and Letty had changed into her pajamas I remembered to take one with his grandparents... and unfortunately our family photo is missing one little buddha belly. Next year I'll get it right.

It was such a good day! Thank you to everyone who came and shared in his day! A special thank you to my sister-in-law Ashley, for taking photos with her own lovely camera as well as my not so fancy camera. I think you can all tell the one's where she was behind the lens.