Dominic, aged 7 months: He has taken to attempting to climb the step up from our living room. He ends up standing at the step and screaming at it. I'm talking full out in pain and I am furious kind of screaming. Don't let that smile up there fool you, the scream came shortly after. 

David, aged 3 years: Three has hit him so so so (three so's) hard. Leave me alone! Neber!! I can do it!!! All I hear all day long. Mr. Independent wanting to do everything on his own at a glacial pace. And as a sidenote what is the limit here on daily iPad screen time? Anyone? He has learned so much from it I'm a bit hesitant to take it away but how much is toooo much?

Letteria, aged 4 years: This is the face of a little girl who just had her fifth birthday party. She is rocking the "I was up three hours past my bedtime" look. And rocking it well. She partied hard. But didn't sleep in one tiny bit. There was Elsa's Lego ice castle to construct after all. 

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