Dominic, aged 7 months: It has been officially one week of no swing sleeping at all, day time or night time. He's been in his crib each and every night. Occasionally he sleeps in our bed for an hour or two just because I'm a bit tired and he's my baby so everything is more final right? But we've made it! Crib sleeper!

David, aged 3 years: He's taken to peeing off the deck as soon as he gets out of the pool. Which means several things besides the fact he may be an exhibitionist. He knows he should not pee or poop in his Charlie Banana. He can hold it while he is swimming. And he tells us that he has to pee. We tried putting underwear on him hoping for the same affect indoors and alas, no. Pray for us.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Upon donning this outfit yesterday morning she came to tell me that "orange is not her color." and I about died. I thought for sure Matt put it up to her as we are knee deep in Orange is the New Black but he swears innocence.

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