Dominic, aged 6 months: Technically we are two days away from him being seven months but we will go with six for now. He crawled last week. Not far, and not all the time. But it's been done. Just fast enough for me to miss recording it forever and ever. He sneaks it in when no one is waiting with their iPhones. He won the award for the earliest crawler, beating his older siblings by practically two months. What does this all mean??

David, aged 3 years: Three years and stilllll in a diaper. I was hoping that he would magically decide he is done with crapping himself on the day he turned three, but no such luck. Showing off his belly and rocking the diaper with no shame. He also took an almost 24 hour hunger strike on his birthday. Practically from lunch on his birthday to brunch the following day...Not a speck of food. And yeah I have no idea what that was about. 

Letteria, aged 4 years: She watched Star Wars for the first time last week and while she had a zillion questions about everything from Storm Trooper color to robot eyeballs she loved it. She has officially madd the decree that she will be Princess Ella (Leia) for Halloween. And David will be Luke and Dom will be Yoda. And to which I say HALLELUJAH! Finally. It only took two years, just long enough for David to outgrow his Darth Vader costume and save me some coin on this year's but ah well. It's a dream of mine. Fufilled.

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  1. YES to the star wars babies! is it bad i want this to happen now? too soon? david's hunger strike. i pulled that shit all the time haha. and that photo of dom is just perfection. happy monday!


  2. Woo hoo to the Star Wars! I thought the hair shadow was her hair too, I was like whoa how long is her hair and did a double take.

  3. I thought the same thing with Lettys hair shadow! Ha. Cute pictures.

  4. Go Dom go! Or not...because mama needs a little more freedom before baby proofing. haha!

  5. aww i know it's completely normal for boys to potty train a bit later, but i know you are prob so over diapers at this point!!

  6. Yay, for Dom crawling! He is going to be unstoppable before you know it. I cannot wait for this year's Halloween photos! It is a dream come true. :)


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