Dominic, aged 6 months: We are just thiiiiiis close to being a crawler. He gets where he needs to go by rolling and scooting backwards. He can go from laying to sitting all by his onesie. And he "twerks" if you will while up on hands and knees. Like I said. Thiiiiis close. Heaven help me. 

David, aged 2 years: If David were a dwarf he would be Grumpy. The camera comes out and he does the above. He never went through this stage before and I'd prefer it to hit the road running. Especially since I have zero tricks up my sleeve for bribery. Letty's bribe was always a fruit snack. I'm never above bribery. And this is my last week with David as a two year old..... sniff.

Letteria, aged 4 years: A dream of hers came true the other night when she had her very first cake pop. She loves watching YouTube tutorials and always wants the pops that look like princess dresses? Seems like a lot of work for very little cake. 

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  1. whoa first cake pop! big stuff. I've had only one myself but I thought it was plenty big since it was so rich. I always like the ones that look like pumpkins myself. I adore the scooting stage. Oh where did Aria go in the three seconds I looked away? op feet first underneath the table.

  2. Oh man Dom! Slow down! Sydney just learned to sit up from laying by herself...like last week! Lol. You will have your hands full for sure! I wish I could look as cute as David when I'm grumpy :). Almost three?! Sniff. And Letty looking like a little lady. I like these posts! My how much changes in such a short amount of time.

  3. so cute - i just can't stand how happy dom is all the time. that lil chunker :) and david surely will get past grumpy. hopefully sooner rather than later. and who doesn't love cake pops? don't blame her.


  4. Dom! How are you so old already? Weren't you just born??? And David, you turn that cute frown upside down!! Let your mama get a pic. And Letty...heaven help your mother (and father) when you get to high school!! All of them, are too cute! TOO CUTE!!

  5. did letty love her cake pop?! gah those things are goooood good! and madd definitely lets us know when a photo is not gonna happen these days!

  6. Time flies man. It is crazy. That picture of David is priceless. Absolutely.


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